Tue. Oct 17, 2017
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A Brief Description Of Our Services

Early treatment and preventive medicine is your key to lifelong wellness. The therapies used at Well On The Way® are very helpful in recovering from stress, trauma or disease. But the greatest gift Well On The Way® can offer you is the confidence that your health and vitality will never be stolen from you by disease.

  • Together we study your life, including exercise, diet & nutrition, weight management, hydration, unhealthy habits, stress, recreation, and more. We believe we have the most effective, science-based services and techniques to help you in ALL these areas. And if we don’t, we’ll find them for you among our extensive pool of colleagues.
  • We recommend nutritional products that are second to none in purity, potency and absorbability. When used consistently, your immune system will stand strong against the assaults of modern living, and you will look and feel younger and vibrant.
  • Our trained healing hands pick up disturbances in the body systems long before they turn into diagnosable diseases. We treat these precursors to disease, which often steal your vitality and sense of well-being.
  • We are trained to pick up and treat subtle inflammation and restrictions. It is said that cancer takes 10-15 years to mature into a diagnosable disease. Long before that, there is a low level inflammation process and a build-up of toxic proteins that clog your system. These precursors to cancer are undetectable by your mammogram and most doctors are not taught to detect these early signs. With regular visits, and with our staff guiding you, you will gain confidence in your ability to fully understand and prevent life-threatening illness.
  • Classes and private tutorials are included with many treatment options or can be taken a la carte. These classes empower you to help yourself and your family, including learning introductory treatment techniques, meditation and visualization, exercise programs, or managing your overactive mind.
  • We use only natural remedies with no side effects. Investing in Well On The Way® is an investment in a future free of disease. You will get the bounce back in your step and a youthful glow. You can’t afford NOT to make this investment.
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