Tue. Oct 17, 2017
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Melissa, Ted & Sonia

This is a wonderful job I have. Wonders never cease as they say. This is what happened just the other day. Of course, people’s names are changed for privacy.

Sonia and her husband Ted come in with their 6 month old baby, Melissa. The parents were very upset over Melissa’s health issues. She had a traumatic birth. She was a C-section and was 10 days in neonatal intensive care.

Now Melissa is home and having a tough time. She refuses to eat. The only time they can get her to eat is when she’s asleep. She’s very fussy and cries a lot and the parents are frightened, concerned, and not sure what to do. She exhibits signs of sensory sensitivity. They are trying CranioSacral Therapy, but are not sure what to think.

At Well on the Way™, we have a policy of seeing kids for first time CST evaluations for free. Melissa’s evaluation revealed severe compressions of several cranial bones and a severe left anterior torsion of the frontal bone and parietals. Melissa was, for the most part, all smiles. A Visceral Manipulation evaluation revealed that there was a severe superior pull to her esophagus and alimentary canal.

I informed her parents of the compressions and suggested that with CST many of these difficulties could be relieved and Melissa may respond with better health. I was able to release some of the severity of the pull on her esophagus and hoped that her eating could improve with this help. I suggested that Sonia and Ted watch for signs of improvement and consider bringing Melissa in for regular treatments. I could give them some names of MD’s who also use alternative therapies and they may be able to suggest some treatments for Melissa that may not involve so much medication. I would call Sonia to give her those names.

Sonia called a few days later to tell me Melissa had improved a little bit and to thank me for the doctor’s names. She wanted to ask me about homeopathy. Was it for real or were they trying to put something over on her. I assured her it was for real and the professionals I had referred her to had excellent reputations. She asked about parent support groups and yes, I did know an excellent group I could put her in touch with. I asked her to talk with Bob Gilpatrick as I searched for the number.

Bob is our resident nutrition counselor. He’s an expert in elder care, and through that field he has amassed a great deal of knowledge about nutrition and alternative health care. I thought he was going to talk to her about homeopathy, but I overhear a one sided conversation about trauma. Bob is saying, "I wonder if there wasn’t a trauma while Melissa was first eating that triggered her sympathetic nervous system to be on while she is eating. And I wonder if this trauma was something that came down through the family, some trauma you might have been experiencing, in that you were anxious for Melissa, that has affected her."

And then he is saying, "So it would be helpful for you to get trauma therapy, for you to maybe redo your birth, and as you release your trauma, Melissa will be helped. …No, you don’t have to do that! Liz is all the help you need. She does this kind of thing all the time. Just make an appointment with Liz to treat you." And he handed me back the phone.

It seems that Sonia had experienced trauma and, even though she had done years of talk therapy, she was looking for a therapist to perhaps redo her own birth or do something to release the trauma she felt she was still holding. She felt maybe this was somehow affecting Melissa.

"I’m going to do a lot of crying," Sonia told me when she arrived. And she was true to her word. Using CranioSacral Therapy, Heart Centered Therapy, and SomatoEmotional Release we visited her infancy and childhood.

We identified a red color filling her chest, abdomen, and pelvis. It was fear, panic. We spoke directly to Fear, asking it how long it had been in Sonia. Give us the moment it entered her. We saw her as just a few months old in the playpen being sexually molested. It was too too painful to relive. We decided to watch it, as if it was a movie, from the seats in a movie theater. It was hard enough to do the first time. No need to repeat it. Watch from where it is safe. I’m there with you. We have popcorn.

We looked into the eyes of the molester. We saw anger, rage, fear. We separated the anger entity from the molester and we saw a man so sorry for what he’d done, saying he only wanted to love Sonia and he was crying. Sonia was crying. And we replayed the movie and this time the police come in and the man is caught in the act. Little Sonia is safe. Adult Sonia is caring for her and she’ll never be hurt again. Only loved.

We go back and follow the fear back through generations and all the ancestors gather around to participate in the healing.

Sonia’s inner wisdom speaks to her and tells her how to release fear. We follow wisdom’s instructions. Waves of energy are released. We feel heat and pulses as her cells listen and respond.

"One of your family has a gift for you, to thank you for all your hard work here today," I say. "Who is it?"

Just then Sonia’s cell phone rings. "I think I should get that," she says. "It might be an emergency."

It’s Sonia’s husband, Ted. He called to say that Melissa was awake and eating. She’d just eaten 4 ounces while she was awake. It was the first time!

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