Tue. Oct 17, 2017
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Are you taking a daily multi-vitamin? How about minerals? Are they making a difference in the way you feel? Do you feel healthier & more energetic because you are taking them?

If not, is it because they are not what they say they are? Is it because you are paying for something you are not getting? In other words, are you being cheated?

Years ago, I was given the COMPARATIVE GUIDE TO NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS. In it, over 1500 nutritional products from the U.S. and Canada are compared to an ideal supplement, developed from the recommendations of seven recognized scientific authorities. The Final Product Scores allow us to see what we are really getting.

I was shocked to find that the majority of supplements are mediocre at best, if not downright diddley-squat.

For instance, how many of us take the Centrum products? Centrum Select ranked a measly 4.6%!! Out of 100! It’s best product only reached 7%!

Here’s a few more:Geritol Complete: 3.4%GNC Mega Men’s: 21.1%Herbalife Formula 2: 14.8%Nutrition Dynamics Multi-vitasorb: 0.7%One A Day Advanced Women’s Formula:1.9%!!!!!!!One A Day Advanced Men’s Formula: 4.6%!!!!!!!Rite Aid Whole Source Complete Formula for Women: 4.8%Walgreens Ultra Choice Premium Men: 21.1%Walgreens Ultra Choice Premium Women: 22.1%

Any school teachers in the house? What’s a passing grade?Most of us know the importance of supplements. We’ve already heard that our foods and soil are deficient in nutrients so we need to take vitamins and minerals in the form of supplements to maintain a healthy body. We may have seen or heard about the overwhelming amount of studies that support vitamins and minerals as preventatives of many diseases and conditions.

So we take our vitamins and guess what?WE ARE STILL SICK AND TIRED. We don’t feel better and NOW I KNOW WHY. It’s because the vitamins don’t have enough nutrients in them.

If you want to know how YOUR multi-vitamin is ranked, you can email me at elizabethpasquale@wellontheway.org. Put ARE MY VITAMINS JUNK? as the subject. I’ll look up your vitamin and get back to you. Or, better yet, get your own copy of COMPARATIVE GUIDE TO NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS, by Lyle MacWilliam. If you’re anything like me, you’ll want to peruse it again and again. It’s a wealth of information.

Do you want to know which company came out on top? One I had never heard of?USANA Health Sciences with 96%. Only 4 companies reached 900r higher. The study was independently conducted and was not commissioned by USANA or any of these other top rated companies.

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